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Legend Race 2014.
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Legend Race returns for its fourth year. With over 9 races in the past 3 years we are gearing up for 2017.

Get ready for our most challenging 3+ miles course yet, filled with awesome obstacles. We are increasing the number and size of the obstacles you will see on the course. In addition to the familiar obstacles, we’ll have some exciting new ones to keep you on your toes.

Gone are the days of mud puddles and simple log carries that are considered an obstacle those will just be par for the course. Get your grip strength ready you will need it.

For those of you that dare to challenge yourself in our elite wave you will have to bring it. This will be a mandatory completion for all obstacles. We will have 2 waves that are competitive our 930 and 9:45 am If you cannot complete any obstacle you will forfeit your band. All our other waves 10 am on will be open for everyone there will be no timing for those waves and there is no mandatory completion but you have to at least attempt the obstacle.

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  • Testimonial
    Glenna, Race Pro

    If you have never done a Legend Race DO ONE!! And then you will be hooked!! By far the best run I have ever been to!! I promise you won't be disappointed!! GREAT organization, Challenging obstacles, Comfy shirts and COOL medals!! I was completely blown away, it was the first time Ive been legitimately challenged by one of these events. The obstacles were creative and difficult and the overall atmosphere was great. I loved being surrounded by like-minded individuals who came out to have fun and be challenged simultaneously. I ended up missing the early bird special but found that the experience was well worth my $75 entry fee. I am a big advocate for these events as a whole, but whats for sure is Legend Race is the cream of the crop in the obstacle course industry.

  • Testimonial
    Nigel, Race Pro

    The first time I ever competed at Legend Race it took its toll(aka kicked my butt lol). But this was definitely a good thing. Saw improvements in myself the 2nd go around. It's a great event and race and the staff were all hospitable. Definitely looking forward to competing there again.

  • Adam, Race Pro

    Hey I met Fred at a Rugged Maniac race. He was happy to see I was running it with one of my younger sons that is pretty athletic and more than a little determined to conquer every obstacle. During the race he encouraged me to look for a new fall race that was going to be run on an Army Ranger course.

Our sponsored team

Legend Race is proud to introduce you to our sponsored team!

  • Testimonial

    Amy Bortoff

    Chief Architect

    About Amy Bortoff

    Athletic, energetic, outgoing (sometimes loud), organized, fun, confident,
    compassionate, creative, competitive, well traveled, adventurous and all around kind of
    I have always been athletic, but only started competing in OCR’s (Legend Racing,
    Spartan Races, BattleFrogs, Ninjas, Rugged Manics, USMC team racing, etc) as well
    as earning my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do after age 40. I started running ELITE this
    year (pushed reluctantly by my fellow OCR friends) surprisingly, earning FIRST PLACE
    on the podium for Women’s Masters at the 2015 Charlotte Spartan Sprint and being in
    the top 5 for all races in my age group for 2014 and so far in 2015!
    I live a very active life in Raleigh, NC with my husband and 5 children (ages 14 to 21!).
    I was a flight attendant for United Airlines for 14 years. I now work for the Ezulwini
    Game Lodges in South Africa doing all of their non-profit US marketing. I get the
    privilege to travel twice a year to South Africa. When I am home I enjoy traveling to
    races as often as possible with my family and my ‘Legends T.W.O.’ running group.
    My motto: JUST DON’T BE LAST!

  • Testimonial

    Terra Jackson


    About Terra Jackson

    My Name is Terra Jackson
    Former Division 1 Cross country and Track athlete at UNCW
    Started obstacle course racing 2 years ago and fell in love with it.
    Competed in numerous Spartan races and World’s toughest mudder.
    Personal trainer and eager to spread the word of obstacle course racing

    Terra has won several Spartan races in the past year!

  • Testimonial

    Aimee Flint

    About Aimee Flint

    My name is Aimee Flint and I am a Wilmington NC native. I found my love and passion for fitness in late 2012 after signing up to Gold’s Gym and taking what later became a life changing group fitness class, Power Pilates. I started in the back of the room, but quickly found myself on the front row daily, challenging and pushing myself in ways I had never before. This soon lead to a new journey of obstacle course racing and the realization that “Flint is an endurance, adrenaline & o.c.r. junkie”. I am a competitive athlete who likes to be motivated beyond my own strengths and I hope I can strive for others to do the same. Certified instructor for Power Pilates in September 2013, certified instructor for TRX in September 2014 and newly Booty Barre qualified since January 2015.
    My OCR experience consists of: Dirty Girl Mud Run, Ninja Challenge (NC), Spartan, Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac, Warrior Dash, Combat Mud Run (NC), Survival Sprint (NC), Battlefrog, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge on NBC ” member of the Bounce Squad

  • Testimonial

    Ian Smythe

    About Ian Smythe

    Newest Team member

  • Testimonial

    Anthony Richardson

    About Anthony Richardson

    I’m 26 years old I’m 5’10” and typically weigh around 195. I’m a certified personal trainer and obstacle course racing athlete. I first began working out in June of 2013. I try to spend whatever time I’m not at work or church doing some form of training. Which mainly consist of weight training and running and an occasional calisthenics workout. I’ve been competing in OCR for about two years and have competed in everything from 5k’s to ultras. I’ve managed win my age group on many occasions and place overall and win overall a handful of times. I’m am cur-rently opening my own gym called Farm Fitness. I also work with my local XC team. As far as ambitions I hope to make fitness a career in the coming years.

  • Testimonial

    Sam Papanikas

    About Sam Papanikas

    Sam Papanikas, (born July 1974), is a chef, athlete, father & husband. He is the head chef and partner of Bleu Olive in Durham, NC. He was born in South Jersey and moved to Clearwater, Florida in 1984 where he played many sports including high school football, baseball & amateur beach volleyball. In his senior year of high school he quit his varsity football team due to lack of support for his athletic endeavors so he can help with the family business. After many years of partying & mischief, he started his own family and continued to excel in his career in the restaurant industry. At age 40 he started running and ran his first OCR race, Ninja Challenge, in 2014. He had been working out for a couple of years prior with no goals but that particular race changed everything about his training and re-ignited an athletic fire he thought he had lost many years ago. Now he is striving to compete for podiums, primarily but not limited to masters, in various OCR events as well as other races including swimming, trail races & road races

  • Testimonial

    Forrest Stroud

    About Forrest Stroud

    Legend Racer Bio coming soon!

  • Testimonial

    Jjesbaan Arce

    About Jjesbaan Arce

    Legend Racer Bio coming soon!

  • Testimonial

    Ryan Bowyer

    About Ryan Bowyer

    My name is Ryan Bowyer and I am a 27 year old semi-competitive runner really looking to take the next step. I ran cross country in college at Emory & Henry College in Emory, VA after running cross country and track, playing baseball and basketball in high school. I ran competitively all through undergrad and then got to grad school and immediately gave it up. Between the course work, my assistantship, and meeting my now-wife, there were simply other priorities that took precedent. I entered the professional world in 2012 and regained that love of running.
    Since then, I have won a number of local races, won my age group in some larger 5Ks, and qualified for the 2014 Warrior Dash World Championship and, by default, the Independently Run OCR World Championship. I didn’t get to run in either, and won’t have the opportunity this fall either, but I’m looking to in 2016.
    I can’t wait to begin competing with the #LegendRaceTeam and representing #LegendRace
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/j.ryan.bowyer.115
    Blog: ryanbowyerruns.wordpress.com

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