After participating in my first mud run, I was completely addicted. The feeling of crossing the finish line at the end was like nothing I have ever felt before. I immediately knew that I wanted to help others share that same sense of accomplishment, and you can. The best thing about obstacle course racing is that anyone can do it, regardless of fitness experience!
 My wife actually signed me up for my first race. She assured me that I was in good enough shape to complete it, and told me not to worry…it ended up being 13 miles long. I had never ran more than 5 miles before that so, needless to say, it was quite an experience. 
I set a goal to finish within a certain time frame, but I ended up getting lost and that added significantly more distance and time to my run.
 I never once became discouraged. While on the course, I was surrounded by so many incredibly encouraging runners, who continually lifted me up. Sometimes, they reassured me with words, saying things like, “Keep moving!” or “You’ve got this!” Other times it was a pat on the back or a thumbs up. It was one of the most supportive atmospheres I have ever been in,  and, while I didn’t end up achieving my goal in time, I knew I was absolutely trying again next year. 
I remember feeling so exhausted when I finally reached the end. I had just completed the last obstacle, and the finish line was a mere 10 to 15 yards away. I was so worn down that I literally had to put my hands on my knees in order to catch my breath, everyone watching was cheering me on, yelling “Finish!” and “It’s right in front of you!”, but I was beat. I couldn’t take another step and all I could think was, “I’m finished…” 
Never give up
Of course my lovely wife captured the moment with her camera – my head hung low, completely covered in mud, and gasping for air. She didn’t run this one with me,  but now she is joining me in all the fun. Because that’s what it is: fun! Despite how physically drained I was, I finally mustered up enough energy to cross that finish line and it felt amazing.
When the race volunteer handed me my much-deserved medal and t-shirt, I briefly thought, “I did all this for that?” Let me tell you, though, that medal became my inspiration! I hang all of my medals in my garage where I work out; they’re still covered in mud, sweat, and even a little blood, but they remind me to keep going, to keep working hard, and to stay healthy so that I’m ready for the next race.  
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There is no greater feeling than being out there, pushing yourself to do something you never thought you would ever attempt in your life. Things like crawling through mud, ducking under barbed wire, jumping over walls, climbing wooden structures, and then figuring out how to get down! These races challenge you both physically and mentally, to reach beyond your perceived limits and ascend to a completely new level of fitness.
That’s why we created Legend Race. I want to help you set and accomplish goals you never even imagined before and I want to reach them with you. So let’s do this, together.